Iv’e been getting a lot of questions lately about what I bring to festivals. Given that I was at one last weekend I thought now would be the perfect time to share what I brought.

  1. The Essentials: Now first things first do not forget the essentials by this I mean your Photo ID, Ticket and Money. You will not be getting into any fesitval without these items.
  2. Portable charger: How are you going to take those lit Instagram photos with no battery….. I always bring a portable charger because you never know when your phone might die and you may need to contact your friends. Primark sell portable chargers in the holiday section for 5 euro.
  3. Tissues: I think this is self explanatory with festivals. Tissues are always a must with any outdoor festivals.
  4. Makeup: I always bring a little bit of makeup to top up throughout the day… from lash glue to face gems whatever you need to keep you looking glam throughout the day.
  5. Extras: This might sound like randoms item to bring to festivals but it is a life saver for me. From being outside in the hot weather your lips can become very dehydrated which isn’t a good look for anybody.Sunglasses are also a must for the outdoor festival to top off any outfit.

I hope this short post helps you decide what items to bring along in your bag. As always if you have any post requests please send me them on Twitter.