As part of the Jen Travels Series first stop is my favourite destination that I have traveled to date… Thailand.

Thailand is such a big place it is essential to your research on the best way to navigate around this country. Blogs and blogs were my life saver when it came to organising my Thailand trip. There are so many options whether you are on a tight budget or not so it is good to get your head around what they are before you arrive in Thailand.

Firstly, I would plan your route. I printed out a map of Thailand and placed dots on the islands that I wanted to go to. From there I noted all of the possible airports and boat routes to get me from one location to the next. This part was really straight forward but essential to know. Secondly , I researched and researched. I spent hours daily reading blog posts and watching blogs trying to gauge what were my best options. Since I only had a limited time on each island I figured it was better for me to fly when I could to save time and explore more. (this is the more expensive option).

When it came to flights I found skyskanner and tripadvisor to be the best at giving low rates. It was so easy to book flights and not have to worry about catching buses and trains. I also found Nok Air to be extremely helpful. The company offer a scheme called the Fly’n’Ferry which is a package deal. This package includes your flight from the city in my case this was Bangkok, from the airport a bus to the pier to catch a catamaran to the islands. With this package we were able to book all of our big journey before we arrived in Thailand and get a great deal with zero hassle.

Getting around the city. I have never seen so much transport in my life. Bangkok is so easy to navigate around. Some of the options are regular taxis, buses, motorbike taxis, Tuk Tuks, Songraks and of course the BTS Skytrain. The skytrain was how I mostly navigated through the city as it stops pretty much everywhere. The transport is so cheap in Thailand taking multiple trains daily would only cost around 4-5 euro. I would recommend taking a tuk tuk once though there so much fun and great for the Instagram photos.

My last tip on navigating Asia is to just walk. It is so important to take our heads out of our phones or from behind the camera to just absorb your surroundings. Thai streets are filled with so much culture, history and there are so many beautiful shires everywhere that it is difficult to not stop in awe.

I hope you found this blog post helpful. Any questions comment underneath and I will do my best to answer them.

Happy Travels