“Quiet the mind and the soul will speak”

– Ma Jaya Sati Baghavati

I decided to do this post because I feel like 2018 thought me a lot of lessons, about myself and about life in general. So, 2019 is all about the positive vibes and being the best version of you.

To start this process, I started to reflect on what stresses me out, what I enjoy and what I don’t enjoy and what habits I have that I would like to change. I started to figure out what I wanted to achieve for myself and started a plan.

Beginning this can be a bit strange and to be honest can seem very pointless but I really believe with time they work. First thing I did was to create a Vision Board, whether it be a collage of images of photos on your phone or a physical board in your home, I believe seeing it repeatedly will help you subconsciously do more and more actions to achieve your goals.

bekir-donmez-335320-unsplash.jpgI also think taking time for your health & wellness will also contribute to you being your best self. Everyone is different but whatever makes you unwind and relax you should do more of. This ties back to your diet and what you are putting into your body. As part of your wellness doing more of the activities you enjoy will make you feel amazing. Starting to make time for the things on the never-ending to do list will make you feel more productive and good about yourself. Personally for me, I think making time to go to the gym or start a new hobby will force me take the time I need for myself.

The last recommendation is Energy. I’m aware this sounds very cliché but you are who you hang around with so choose your circle wisely. It’s natural to feel down and miserable if everyone you hang around with is miserable about their own situation. Being positive and good to people will always be the better route so don’t be afraid to let that shine.

Till next time