As Hideout is fast approaching, I thought it would be a good opportunity to share my survival guide. I went to the infamous Hideout Festival last year. However, when I was researching the festival I didn’t come across a lot of blog posts. So, hopefully this will help. For those of you who do not know what Hideout is, it is a huge dance festival in Croatia. The layout of the festival contains 5 clubs located on a beach front. Some of these clubs are notoriously known for being some of the best in the world such as NOA Beach Club.

Getting There

To save yourself any trouble I would recommend booking direct flights to and from. Luckily, Ryanair fly straight from Dublin to Zadar, I would recommend to book flights as soon as you buy the festival tickets as they flights sell out FAST! Check out Sky Scanner for the latest deals.

All I can say about the flight there is that the festival started on the plane, nearly every passenger on that flight was attending Hideout so you can imagine the antics. When you arrive in Zadar airport do not expect a huge airport. The place was tiny as you walk into the building you collect your bag off the conver belt and straight out the other end.

From arriving in the airport you can get transfer buses to Novaljia, this isn’t expensive but it is two hours away so I would take that into account when booking flights. I would recommend staying in Novaljia as it is in the heart of the action and walking distance to the harbour,restaurants and bars.


There is not a lot of options. We opted for an apartment which gives us a bit more room. However, If I was going back to Novaljia I would highly recommend staying in a hotel or an apartment with security. Our apartment got broken into which wasn’t the most ideal start to the holiday. Liberty Hotel seemed to be a popular hotel while I was there. It was located on the beach which was very handy to go back and fourth on beach days.

Getting to the festival

If you stay in Novaljia there is bus shuttle that bring you to and from the festival at the harbour. The bus journey takes about 10 minutes and there is a bus every 15-20 minutes. Hideout is on all day and night so there is no need to panic about journeys.

What to Bring

As last year was my first abroad festival I struggled with this one. WHAT DO I BRING!? The vibe was definitely beach glam was a mixture of festival looks with braids and glitter. Nightime people tend to go more casual so runners are a must.

If I had to narrow it down these are my top five.

  • Runners – essential you will be doing a lot of dancing
  • Bikinis- lots of them
  • Shorts/ Playsuits – must have to throw on day or night.
  • Makeup- although it was humid the girls were still beat to the gods. (Glitter is also a must)
  • Cross body bag/ bumbag- bags are the last thing you want to carry around so I would opt for a bumbag or a cross body bag so you don’t have to worry.

Places to eat

Novaljia has a strip of bars and restaurants, although you will find a common theme… PIZZA. Pizza was literally everywhere and seem to be all you could get. The only restaurant I would recommend is Moby Dicks. Located right beside the harbour it is easily accessible and the food was so good.

Overall Tips

My overall tips would be do your research when looking for accommodation and do it early. Places sell out very quickly so don’t go with the easiest option. Hideout is huge with a large attendance my advice would be if your in a group pick a place on the beach if you get lost (Such as the giant X logo) and make that the meeting point. The next tip is to buy the VIP festival ticket it made such a difference when queuing into the clubs and most clubs have a different area for VIP which made the world of a difference.

Lastly, have an amazing time I have such fun memories from Hideout!