We all want that golden goddess vibes on holiday. So how is the best way to achieve that JLO glow?! I’ve picked up a few tips and unbelievable products over the years to help all the glow getters out there.

Firstly, the quality of your skin is going to make a huge difference before any product can help. Exfoliating is key to getting that smooth fUnknown.jpeglawless look. I find Soap & Glory to have some of the best exfoliators. This brand can be found in Boots. I always use some type of sugar scrub with some exfoliating gloves for that super smooth look.

After, you’ve scrubbed you need to find a good moisturizer for your skin. I’m so bad when it comes to this so I need something easy and quick. I find the spray body moisturizer to be a life saver. These can be found at any drugstore and are easy to pick up. I lather myself in moisturizer every night especially a few days before any event.

Now, the tan. I always think tan is so personal it really depends on the individual. I personally love a super dark moose. I’ve recently been loving So Sue Me’s Dark Moose tan. It has a red undertone so it gives that really sun-kissed deep tan that looks like you have been on the Bahamas for weeks.

Unknown-3.jpegOnce you have found the tan that works for you I always find the night of the event to top up your tan with an instant tanner. I highly recommend the Vita Liberta Body Blur it will cover anything!

To top this all off…time to add the glow. There are a few options I love a body oil to add that extra pop. Some of my favourites listed below.


These three body glow products are my holy grail! Firstly, the Iconic London Illuminator drops are such a great multiuser product. This product can be use before makeup to give an all over glow, a liquid highlighter or as a body glow products for the collarbones. The second, is the Coca Brown Golden Goddess oil which is amazing for the legs to give than golden sheen to the skin… perfect for photos. Lastly, to top of all that incredible glow is the Iconic London glow mist which is the perfect setting spray for your face and chest for that added shimmer.

Any liquid glow that I use,  I tend to mix with my instant tanner or moisturizer to add that overall body glow.

I hope this helps you get your glow on for those holidays photos. Comment below your favourite glow product.

Till next time