As part of the Jen Travel series, the next European location is Prague. Prague is the perfect city getaway for a weekend or longer. From the beautiful collabalock streets to the history you are guaranteed to have an action packed weekend.

This city is known for its culture and arctitecure from Gothic Churches to the famous astronomical clock. I am going to highlight some key go to places from my short trip to this instagrammable city. I stayed in an area called Nove Mesto which was close enough to the centre but far enough that it wasn’t noisy.

Prague Castle: 

This stunning castle is dating from the 9th Century. From its quirky little stores and glorious gardens, it truly is breathtaking. The castle is a must see for me, the views from the top are spectacular and really give you a different look and feel of the city.

Ice Bar: 

The ice bar is a lot of fun. Granted if you have done one before then you probably will not be interested in another one as they all are very similar. The ice bar is located beside Charles bridge so it’s another location to tick off the list while you’re in the city. The drinks in the Ice Bar were surprisingly good so it could be a fun activity for after dinner before exploring Prague’s nightlife.

Old Town:

The old town was a highlight for me, this old town has so much character. I went in January and at the time it was snowing so the old town was covered in snow. The town boasts some of the most incredible restaurants and adorable cafe’s. I went to the old town most nights for dinner and drinks so it’s definitely a good option to stay close by. The infamous Astronomical Clock is located in the town which is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Prague.

Wenceslas Square: 

Wenceslas Square is central to all of the shopping centres and stores. Most of the main hotel chains are located close to Wenceslas Square. There s also a metro stop there which is handy to walk to the old town and Charles bridge.

I hope this helps you decide on some activities to do while your time in Prague. If you have any questions comment below.

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I am just back from a week long trip to Berlin, Germany. All I can say is….wow. The culture, history, architecture, the people and the nightlife.. what is there not to love! As I am such a travel lover I always spend so much time researching all the amazing things to do and I make a list. I find this helpful to plan your days in a country and make sure you get to see everything you want to do. So, I thought I would share my top five things to do in this incredible city.

Let’s dive straight in. 

1. Learn about the history. 

Berlin is a city bursting with culture. Every monument, statue, street tells a story of how Berlin used to be. I find it incredible to learn about the history of everywhere I travel. This city is filled with insightful stories and people from all across the world and different backgrounds. The people here are so friendly and a lot of fun. There is many buildings that I would recommend you to go visit, firstly being the Reichstag building. This building is free to enter however you need a booking. I would recommend booking online to save yourself any trouble and it makes it easier for you to plan your days. The Brandenburg Gate is one to see at night. This incredible gate lit up is just breathtaking. Only around a five minute walk from the Reichstag building so only right to include these two together.

2. Visit the Zoo and Aquarium. 

This is a dual package deal when purchasing tickets for a cheap price of 20 euro. The zoo was spectacular it was so open (less cages the better in my opinion) There was such a variety of animals and some really rare species so definitely check it out. The aquarium was small but had a large array of marine life and jellyfish which was interesting to see. This was one of my favourite days of our trip.

3. See the Berlin Wall & East Side Gallery.

Safe to say this was the most tourist attraction that was recommended to me. This inspiring wall showcases artwork from artist around the globe. Everyone was taking photos of the famous murals and taking it all in. It was so interesting to see, definitely one to do especially if you’re looking to save budget and put in an hour. There are multiple attractions across the city about the infamous Berlin Wall. Check out my Instagram to see more pictures.

4. The Holocaust Memorial.

This is a must see! The incredible architecture behind this memorial piece is spectacular. As I was walking through the tall pillars my heart felt heavy, the piece is one of a kind. I can’t describe the feeling when you walk towards this memorial. I would put this at the top of your list!

5. The nightlife.

Firstly, the alchol in Berlin is so so cheap. A budget night out in this bustling city is well within reach. Here is some bars and nightclubs that i would recommed to anyone travelling to Berlin.

Monkey Bar- This bar overlooks the Zoo with a magnificent view overlooking the monkey enclosure.

Tausend- This bar is located in Mitte, with a casual dress code and live music you are guarenteed a great night out.

Newtown Bar- Newtown bar is also located in Mitte. This bar is pretty fancy but it has funky interior and cool cocktails.

The Pub- The Pub located in Alexanderplatz (the main city centre) this place serves great food and each table comes with its own beer tap. You literally pull your own beers all night – unique!

Barghain – The infamous Berghain. The trouble is getting in. One of the most exclusive nightclubs in the world. Famous for its endless raves and incedible DJ’s.People who get in don’t want to leave because they may never get in again. Tip: Learn some german, go with someone who is from germany and hope for the best!

I hope this helps any first time travellers to Berlin! I will be doing a second post about transport in Berlin as that is a whole blog post in itself!

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