The land of smiles…. where to start! My trip to Thailand has definitely been a major highlight of my 20’s and I want to share all my knowledge with you all to hopefully make planning a trip to this spectacular country a little easier for you!


No matter where you are flying from around the world, most likely you will be arriving in Bangkok. First thing to remember is Bangkok is huge so I would recommend staying in a location that is central especially if you are only in the city for a short space of time. The city has every type of accommodation that any traveller could need from budget to luxury.

However, when I travelled to Thailand I decided to stay in Silom. Silom was close to the airport, central to everywhere where I wanted to visit in the city. Silom also had its own stop (Chong Nonsi) on the BTS line which became extremely helpful to pin point how to get back at any given time. The hotel I went with was the I-Residence Hotel, with its rooftop pool with spectacular views of the city to central location and good prices. The hotel was so accommodating from the moment we arrived, the staff were so friendly and went out of their way to help us. I couldn’t recommend this place enough! Check it out here.

If you want to stay in one of Bangkok’s many Luxurious hotels look no further than the Infamous Lebua State Tower, with its breathtaking roof top bar to the architecture of the hotel itself. It is simply stunning. The hotel is located right beside the river which allows you to avail of boat taxis across the city. Another way to view the sites. This hotel is famous for starring in the Hangover 2 movie. Have a look for yourself here.  If you are looking for more hostel style accommodation I would suggest going to Kho San Road where the heart of the backpackers go. This crazy strip has all kinds of accommodation for you to choose from.


Phuket consists of a more resort tourist vibe compared to the other places I visited in Thailand. This made me choose our hotel more carefully as I didn’t want to be caught in any tourist traps and avoided the party strips as much as possible. Relaxation was key for this part of my travels. After a long time researching, watching YouTube videos and checking reviews, we decided on the Charm Resort Hotel. This hotel was on the Patong beach front but around a 15 min drive from any party areas… ideal. The rooms were just marvellous. There was also a rooftop pool for any sun worshippers. (You will see a common trend in my accommodation choice). The Charm Resort boast great prices for luxury level with a fantastic restaurant and facilities you can’t go wrong.

Phi- Phi Island: 

The infamous Phi Phi island, definitely a highlight of our stay in Thailand. This island is simply breathtaking. Don’t be fooled by the stunning photos this island turns into a crazy party town in the evening so you have been warned. Being Irish I wasn’t too worried 🙂 This island has so so many options from every time of backpacker or holiday goer.

First up, a favourite amongst the backpacker community PP Charlie Resort while your time on the island you’ll be sure to be at a few after parties in this place. The hotel has a gorgeous pool overlooking the sea and the centre of the island is right at your doorstep.

I could write a whole separate blog post on Phi Phi accommodation alone but here is a list on that you can use for reference. TOP TIP: When choosing accommodation in Phi Phi, choose somewhere that is walking distance to the pier. the pier is how you arrive/leave the island and in that hot climate you do not want to be trekking your bags far. Remember there is no taxis on Phi Phi!

Koh Tao Island:

My favourite location of them all Koh Tao. Firstly, don’t believe everything you read this island was my favourite by far and honestly if I was to travel back to Thailand it would be to see this island again! Koh Tao is an extremely small island so many backpackers choose to arrive in this island in the early hours and choose a hotel when they arrive. In Thailand it is completely the norm is asking to see a room before making a booking. My top tip for Koh Tao is to stay on Sairee beach. The beach is like something off a postcard white sand and crystal blue waters. Koh Tao is the ultimate diving island so if you are into Scuba Diving I recommend looking for accommodation that links with a diving school for cheap rates!

My top recommendations for Thailand! I mainly booked through as I could cancel and change hotels/ time of stay quiet easy. This allowed me to have piece of mind while also having the flexibility for this holiday as I pleased. I hope some of you found this helpful and comment below your recommendations I would love to hear them!