The ultimate guide to the perfect girls weekend in London. I always love going to London for a girls trip being from Ireland, it’s close by and always lots of activity going on in the city. Hopefully this guide will give you some inspiration to plan the best weekend.

Let’s cut to the chase if your going on a girls trip its all about the bars & clubs. So let’s start there…

  1. 100 Wardorf Street
  2. Tonight Josephine
  3. Sketch
  4. Mahiki

Other places I would recommend for those Instagram worthy locations… Just go for the Gram!

  • Elan Cafe
  • Coppa Club
  • Madison Restaurant
  • Pogges & Cakes

What better way to recover from a night out and 100 pornstar martini’s later then some shopping. For this I would recommend hitting the main spots, Harrods, Covent Garden, … Go to them all.

Tourist spots:

I always think I seeing the London Eye is an enjoyable experience it’s quick, not that expensive and the views are amazing. It’s a great way to start a day of exploring this bustling city.

Next would be Buckingham palace, for a London first timer it is a must as the changing of the guards is something to see for sure.

I would recommend going to the restaurant Budda bar one Knightsbridge for the sheer fact the food is lovely but the decor is spectacular, the blossom trees definitely make for a great insta shot!

I could do a whole series on London alone but if there is anything you would like me to cover or go into more detail on comment below 🙂

Till next time





This post is going to show you my recommend essential items to bring with you on a flight. This post will be more focused on long haul flights. There is nothing worse than being bored on a 10+ Hr  flight.

I am going on a long haul trip this week and as I was preparing my handbag for the plane, I thought I would show you some of my must haves items for surviving a long haul flight.


I always use any long flights as an opportunity to treat my skin and relax. Typically I would not wear any makeup to the airport or in flight. The plane can really dry out your skin so it is so important to keep hydrated throughout the flight. I always pack lip balm and a hydrating mask. This year I chose to bring with me the Origins Drink Up Intensive mask as it is so refreshing on the skin, locks in moisture and is translucent in colour. (Which means you won’t look like a crazy person in a green mask).


Let’s be honest planes are disgusting, one person on the flight has a cold and the whole airbus is already planning on their phonecall to the boss saying their sick. In order to beat this preparation is key. Personally, I hate being on a long haul flight and not being able to freshen up, so I bring some small items to help me feel refreshed throughout my journey.

  • Face Wipes: I use face wipes to clean my seat and my surroundings (Yes, I am that woman on the plane) It is important to disinfect the area you will be sitting at for a large amount of time.
  • Deodorant wipes: For me these are a god send I always pack some Deodorant wipes to freshen myself up on any flight.
  • Perfume: This is essential because you can control your hygiene but unfortuantely the stranger next you might not be on your level.
  • Toothbrush/Toothpaste: Most airlines will provide an amenities bag for long distance travellers, this would include some dental care. This is great to do mid flight and just before landing in your destination.


We’ve all been in the situation where you are on a long flight and bored out of your mind. For this reason it is critical to bring your own entertainment instead of just relying on the inflight entertainment system. Although, the in flight system is a life saver sometimes its could to have alternative entertainment.

  • Books: Personally, I love reading books or magazines on a flight and engage with something else other than movies.
  • Music: Must! I can’t travel on a bus without listening to music never mind a long haul flight. Make a playlist for the plane with some of your favourite songs- this is also a great tip if you are a nervous flyer try bringing some earphones and listen to some of your fave tracks to help you relax.
  • Netflix: This is not a drill. Download some movies in your Netflix app. Although the in flight entertainment system might be great but just in case have some of your favourite movies or TV series downloaded to kill some plane time.
  • Travel Itineray: I am addicted to being organised and planning out my trips. Nothing gets me more excited than researching my destination, so I use my air time to help plan some restaurants, places that I want to see or any experiences that I can book in that destination.
  • Work: Some people love to work on the plane with zero distractions you are guartenned to get a lot of work completed.


Comfort is essential on any long haul flight because planes can be cold and if you are trying to sleep a well thought outfit can help. For me this is tracksuits, its comfortable and convenient. Pair this with some runners. Some other essentials include:

  • Scarf: I always bring a scarf on the plane to use as a blanket for when I’m trying to sleep.
  • Eye mask: Sometimes you will want to sleep when the lights of the plane are on eye masks help you zone into sleep mode while blocking any lights or screens from disturbing you.


  • Snacks: Always buy some snacks at the airport because it is not guaranteed that you will like the plane food and some healthy snacks such as nuts and protein bars will help you fight that tiredness when you land in your destination.
  • Water: This is a given but is a must. Hydrate throughout the flight not just for you skin but for circulation. Planes dehydrate us so it is important to keep drinking water throughout your entire flight.

Obviously, do not forget the essentials of your passport, visa’s if needed, money etc. I hope that you found this useful and help to decide which items you should bring on board your flight.

Till next time


I am starting a new blog series of my Thailand Adventure. This first post is going to give you a complete cost breakdown that will hopefully be helpful to any of you fellow travellers thinking of visiting Asia! I know what you’re thinking, how could you possibly get to experience a whole country and experience their culture in 3 weeks? I recently took this journey and as a college student on a budget, I found blogs extremely helpful in planning my journey. So here I am, writing to you and hopefully you will learn a few tips and ideas for all you first time traveller’s.

My first piece of advice is to do a lot of research, it will become invaluable to you over your travels. To begin, the majority of people coming into the country fly into Bangkok and make that their base stop. Travelling around Thailand is straightforward as it is well designed for the convenience of backpackers. The next part of your planning process is to prioritise, obviously Thailand is huge, you can’t see everywhere in three weeks but you can still plan an amazing trip! For me personally I took the time to do my research, watched vlogs on YouTube and wrote a list of the places that were a must see. Typically for first time travellers heading off to Thailand tend to follow similar routes that previous backpackers have followed especially when it come to island hopping.

The Breakdown of Costs 

Accommodation: Thailand is extremely cheap, north of thailand is much cheaper than Bangkok and the islands because these are the main tourist locations. Prices in Bangkok can range from 400 THB. As for the beautiful islands expect to pay 600THB and up per night this included air conditioning in most places, which is essential don’t forget about the air conditioning! Some hotels start at 1,350THB but the hotels are the definition of luxury.

Food: Food is really inexpensive and if don’t fancy Thai food every night don’t worry because there is a wide variety. Easiest way to save money in Thailand is to live like a local. It is safe to eat the street food sometimes even safer than restaurant food because it is fresh and cooked in front of you. Street food can cost as little as 20THB for a full meal. Western dishes can be more expensive starting at 170THB.

Transportation: As for everything in Thailand transport is so convenient. Firstly, the sky train in Bangkok is called the BTS and will cost you around 15-50THB per trip. The sky train goes everywhere and will sure enough become your bestfriend. I highly recommend finding accommodation near one of the stations. Buses cost as little as 8THB per trip, metered taxi rides are usually 60-100THB. Make sure you ask the taxi driver to put the meter on, don’t get into the taxi otherwise you will get ripped off. Tuk-Tuks are un-metered and generally most expensive but they are alot of fun and unique to thai culture.

As for travelling to and from the islands I found a company called Lomprayah to be the best. With reasonable prices, well organsied they basically do all the work for you. Depending on your preference you can choose between night trains, buses,boats to and from the island which can cost you between 250-475THB. Nok Air is a popular budget airline in Thailand which offer a service called “Fly’n’Ferry” which can also be a faster way to get there.

Overall Thailand speaks for itself, I highly recommend to travel around and experience the country for yourself, the people are so nice and helpful, you won’t want to leave. Trust me! I hope you found this blog useful and learned something from it. Most importantly I wish you the best of luck on your journey. Adventure awaits!!!

As part of my series of my Thailand Adventure. This second instalment is going to go into detail on all of the incredible activities that you can avail of for your trip to Thailand. Believe me it will help you justify the price!

  • Temples in Bangkok: I highly recommend visiting the Grand Palace it is just breathtaking. The Wat Arun and the temple of the Reclining Buddha are also big tourist attractions.
  • Shopping there is plenty to choose from such as markets, floating markets, MBK shopping centre if you are looking for bargains and fake handbags etc.
  • Sky Bar such as Cloud 47 or the Lebua state tower and enjoy the views of Bangkok at night.
  •  The infamous Full Moon Party : If you like to party then there’s no better island in the world to visit other than Koh Phangan. It’s 20,000 people partying until sunrise on a beach,it is a big tourist spot so expect higher prices.
  • There is some great jungle trekking opportunities in northern Thailand such as in Chiang Mai to see some amazing scenery.
  •  Scuba Diving in Koh Tao also known as Turtle Island. Be prepared to be speechless as it by far was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen white sands crystal blue waters… its like being in a movie. The island has some of the best scuba diving sites in the world for half the price you would usually expect to pay. Expect to see clown fish, eels, bat fish, puffer fish, angel fish, Hawking turtles and if your lucky some whale sharks.

Phi –Phi Island the famous island from the movie “the Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio. This island is far from boring with its scenic cliff side there is a wide variety of activities to do such as snorkeling with exotic fish, hiking up to the viewpoint and visit the monkeys on monkey beach. And if they don’t keep you busy there is an abundance of fire shows and parties to attend on the beaches in the evenings.

 Skydiving in Pattaya with a company called Thai Sky Adventures. All the staff speak fluent English and are well experienced and trained divers.

Quad biking through the jungle in Phuket.

I hope you found this post useful and gathered some information of your to do list for Asia. By far it was one of the best trips that I have ever been on and gave me such a new fond love for travelling! I am going to finish this post off by sharing my favourite quote I hope it gives you the inspiration to Say Yes and Figure it out Later like it did for me!

” We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us” 

The thing every girl struggles with before a holiday….packing. Whether you are a light packer or like me brings 10 outfits for a two day trip, hopefully this post can help you decide on the essentials to bring for your big adventure. Ive broken this packing list into two categories the essentials and the extra’s, for all you glam gals like me who just have to do the most on holidays.

The Essentials:

  • First things first SPF. Do not even attempt to go out in the sun without SPF not only will you burn and look like a lobster than no spray tan can fix you are damaging your skin. Not a good look for anybody. Even Primark do a large range of sunscreen for a fraction of the price so there is no excuse!
  • Bikinis… Bring lots of bikinis I brought more bikinis than underwear as most evening I was in the sea and pool most evenings anyways. Thailand is super casual clothing wise its so humid so the key is light linen clothing for sure.
  • Shorts, crops, playsuits and dresses: Ive included these in the one point as there typically a given. As I mentioned Thailand is so causal and relaxing you want to bring outfits that are easy to throw on and make it look like your put together without giving the time.
  • Tangle Teezer and leave it condition spray: I have long hair and for me going between the sea, sun and pool can really take a toll on your hair. Make sure to bring a good hairbrush, I personally cannot live without my tangle-teezer. I got mine in Boots. Another bonus is to bring a leave in conditioner. The weather is so humid that after the shower I typically sprayed this in my hair brushed it and left it air dry.
  • Minimal makeup: being on the Thai beaches and island make you want to spend most of your time outside exploring than getting ready. I genuinely couldn’t think of anything worse than having a full face of makeup on in that heat. I just packed the essentials tinted moistiser, highlighter, bronzer,concealer, brows and mascara. Just enough to make me feel confident.
  • Comfy shoes: Depending on the time of holiday you are going on you will want to bring two pairs of shoes. For me I narrowed this down to a pair of runners which were a life saver running between airplanes buses and boats. The other pair were a pair of sparkly sandals that were comfortable. These were great for day time at the beach and nighttime with my playsuits and dresses. Win Win!
  • Tan: If your like me I don’t tend to sunbathe much. I love to be in the sun but much prefer being in the pool or sea than lying on a sun lounger. I got a spray tan before I left on the trip and I always pack my Coco Brown Tan wipes. These are so handy because they can go in your hand luaggage and no spillage. These wipes are great to top up a tan and I always use them on my face to achieve that sun kissed glow.
  • Mosquito Repellent: This is a Must.  My favourite brand is Jungle Spray. This brand do a lotion and a spray which I tend to layer for extra protection. Warning the products smell awful but the smell goes after a few minutes. My top tip that I learned in Thailand was before going to bed make sure the lights are off around 10-15 mins before. This is because mosquitos are drawn to light so chances are if you have the lights off before getting your 50 winks any mosquitos that are near will move away from your room.
  • Adapters: Always bring two adapters with you. I always find it is better to bring them with me than worry about it when I arrive in a destination.

The Extra’s:

  • Body Glow: I love any type of body glow product so narrowing this down to one product was a struggle for me. However, I went with the infamous Coco Brown Goddess oil. This gives your skin the most radiant glow and looks incredible in photos.
  • Earrings: I love to accessorise a simple outfit. With this in mind I brought multiple earrings to wear on this trip from tangling earrings to tassels to sparkly ones I had them all.
  • A cross body bag: For me I wanted a bag that was light but enough to carry the essentials. This bag came in such great use both day and night for the whole trip.
  • Hair Curler: I brought my hair curler with me as I don’t have naturally curly hair so once my hair was air dried I could curl pieces to make it look more put together.

My top advice is to pack comfy and light clothes, no matter what season you decide you go the humidity is high. If you are bringing a backpack I would scale down on my list a lot as the less items the less heavier your bag will be. Trust me you will care when you are carrying it there.

If you have any questions comment on my latest Instagram post and I’ll get back to you!