It’s been a hot minute since I posted on here, as part of the typical cringey new year, new me b******t, I thought I would add a review on a fabulous weekend I had in Donegal and it is definitely one of Ireland’s hidden gems.

My 25th Birthday started with a surprise trip to Donegal, I hate to admit that even though Ireland is so beautiful I have seen so little of it so this trip was a great start of many more in my home country.

The drive from Donegal to Dublin was so picturesque when we headed near Donegal and through all of the smaller towns on the way. Once arrive we drove down some windy whimsical roads covered in trees and we reach a beautiful lake. Following the road I didn’t believe my eyes when we arrive at our destination a full blown castle.

Our home for the weekend was Lough Eske Castle and I couldn’t recommend it enough, from the food, the scenery the staff. The whole experience end to end was marvellous. The weekend was spend indulging in their cosy restaurant chatting away to all hours in the pub. The room we had was a beautiful suite the perfect way to relax in your robe and slippers. This was followed the next day spending the day in their 5 star spa… again spectacular.

The spa was one of the best I’ve been to in Ireland and we have some fancy ass spas. The spa in Lough Eske was nothing but luxury, so many options to choose from with 2 pools, sauna, rain shower, heated loungers and more. The treatments were phenomenal as well I got a full body massage which is my typical go to and I walked out feeling like I was on clouds.

That evening we went into Donegal town for dinner and it was the cutest little town with lots of restaurants which is nice for tourists who are staying for a few nights. The beaches are only a short drive away with Donegal being along the routes for the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland.

I highly recommend anyone coming to Ireland to add this to your list even for one evening if your travelling around our Emerald Isle. Lough Eske castle hotel’s Instagram can be found here.

Til next time


This weekend Image was hosting a Beauty Festival in Dublin, the perfect excuse for a girly day out filled with catch-ups and cocktails. The biggest attraction of the weekend was an exclusive masterclass with Patrick Ta. Patrick was focusing on his iconic looks of red carpet glamour- glowing skin and a bold lip. Opportunities to see these artist spill there tips and tricks don’t come often so I took ALOT of notes. Im going to share with you all the tips he shared, the product list he used and some of his most used items.

Base: For the base Patrick started by wiping the face clean with a wet wipe. He loves La Mer products and is their brand amassador so this was followed by La Mer Soft Cream Moistiser and eyecream. The next step he primed the skin with an oil so the skin was fully hydrated and plump. However, if you have acne prone skin I would recommend using a oil as a primer. (The next steps was eyes but ill cover his tips for this in the next section.) Continuing on with the base, Patrick creamed contoured first, before foundation. His reasoning for this was to avoid overloading products on the skin and allow seamless blending of the different colours. This was closely followed by foundation, Patrick mixed two foundations together the key to this was one dewy foundation and one more long wearing foundation that would stick to the skin. His cockatil on the day was a mix of Armani Designer Lift and the Fenty Pro Filter Foundation. He used two concealers, first was Nars Radiant Creamy concelar in Vanilla followed by Mac 24hr Stay Concdealer. He let the concelars dry down a little before blending out. One product that he recommended everyone to have was the Becca colour correctors as he said for acne, scarring or pigmentation this product covered everything perfectly before putting on foundation. Following this he went back over the contour with the iconic Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate cream contour palette.

Now to set it all, he used a mixture of setting powers. This was a mixture of Givency setting powder and my holy grail Laura Mercer Translucent Powder. For bronzer he used Hoola by Benefit which he said he always carries around in his kit. Blush was Mac Warm Soul. One thing I liked about his masterclass was he used a mixture of high street and luxury makeup so it made it more relatable for products that we can actually try without breaking the bank!

Eyes: I loved that he kept the eyes really simple and easy to follow. He simply used Hoola Bronzer as his transition shade and kept blending until it was literally seamless. He then used the glorious Pat McGrath Labs Mother-ship palette. I have to say the pigment, consistency and shine of the glitter shade in this palette was simply memorizing. For eyeliner he used a black eyeshadow and gently pushed along the lashline from the outer corner to the middle of the eye was the pupil starts. Mascara was Tom Ford to make the lashes dark and wispy. He used a comb to brush through the after to stop the clumply look occuring. For lashes he used Ardell Indiivudals lashes in the short size and layered them on the outer corner for a more lifted look. Patrick mention that he shops in Naimes and Donkey in Japan for his lashes. But for us, Boots & Superdrug sell Ardell so no need to buy that airplane ticket yet.

Brows: For brows he loves a soap brow to press the hairs against the skin and achieve that busy but natural look. He then used Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow to create hair like strokes. Followed by this he finished with a felt trip brown pen to make it more natural and realistic.

Lips: He is a perfectionsit about lip liner, he used Mac Cherry lip liner to carve out the lips, a lip brush to blend the colour into the lips followed by Fenty Beauty Lip Paint in Uncensored which is that iconic cherry red, which creates that plump full lip.

Glow: He set the face with two setting sprays, one dewy spray on the perimeters of the face and a matte spray in the centre. He dried the face with his Fan in ‘So Extra’. For highlight he used a product from his newly launched Patrick Ta Beauty which was a spray highlighter in a white gold shade called ‘Look at Her’. The glow from this was so shimmering but also made the skin looked wet and glossy. It is a MUST! No look is complete without body glow, a part of Patrick’s range is a glowing body oil which left the most beautiful sheen without overpowering the skin. The shades were ‘A Moment’ ‘A Vision’.

Product List: 

Prep oil

La met soft cream

Eye cream

Soft ochre

Armani and fenty

Mercier and givency powder

Eye gel patches skyn island m&s

Hoola bronzer

Shade and illuminated tom Ford .5

Pat McGrath pallets black gold packing

Does of colour palette friendcation desi

Contour before foundation

Nars radiant creamy concealer in Vanilla

Mac 24hr concelear

Becca corrector

Warm soul blush

Nude stick blush

Tom Ford mascara

Where to buy Patrick Ta Beauty: Patrick Beauty is sold on Net-a-porter and Sephora for us Irish girls.

“Quiet the mind and the soul will speak”

– Ma Jaya Sati Baghavati

I decided to do this post because I feel like 2018 thought me a lot of lessons, about myself and about life in general. So, 2019 is all about the positive vibes and being the best version of you.

To start this process, I started to reflect on what stresses me out, what I enjoy and what I don’t enjoy and what habits I have that I would like to change. I started to figure out what I wanted to achieve for myself and started a plan.

Beginning this can be a bit strange and to be honest can seem very pointless but I really believe with time they work. First thing I did was to create a Vision Board, whether it be a collage of images of photos on your phone or a physical board in your home, I believe seeing it repeatedly will help you subconsciously do more and more actions to achieve your goals.

bekir-donmez-335320-unsplash.jpgI also think taking time for your health & wellness will also contribute to you being your best self. Everyone is different but whatever makes you unwind and relax you should do more of. This ties back to your diet and what you are putting into your body. As part of your wellness doing more of the activities you enjoy will make you feel amazing. Starting to make time for the things on the never-ending to do list will make you feel more productive and good about yourself. Personally for me, I think making time to go to the gym or start a new hobby will force me take the time I need for myself.

The last recommendation is Energy. I’m aware this sounds very cliché but you are who you hang around with so choose your circle wisely. It’s natural to feel down and miserable if everyone you hang around with is miserable about their own situation. Being positive and good to people will always be the better route so don’t be afraid to let that shine.

Till next time


I just had my 24th Birthday in Sydney Australia a destination I have only dreamt about going. This post is going to be something a little different, I think its more for me to remind myself of what I’ve learnt the past 24 years. Hopefully, some of you can relate to these thoughts and help you remind yourself of special you are too.

1. Stop Worrying 

This is top priority, stop worrying about everything and everyone. Don’t think about how things should be or whats going wrong. Focus on whats going right, you never appreciate how far you’ve come and what you have accomplished. Stop worrying about how you should be and act, be yourself the rest will follow.

2. Let go of Negative People

Let go of people who don’t add joy to your life. Sometimes its hard to see what other people see especially if you know these people a long time but sometimes its better to let go and part ways. Your Vibe attracts your Tribe so be careful who you let into your circle.

3. Travel More

You love to travel, do it more. Some of your best memories are on crazy adventures and doing things you would never get to do. Make a plan to put this as a priority in your life. This blog was an outlet for you to be creative and share your stories. You love to create content so do that more.

4. Do what makes you happy

You have so many goals and dreams but you hold yourself back because you are afraid of what everyone else will think. In a few years those people won’t even exist in your world so why do you care. Take more time for you to get your beauty treatments done or go to a spa or watch a movie. People pleasing will lead you to be unhappy so put yourself first.

5. You are in your own race 

Most importantly this lesson resonates a lot to 2018, a lot of change. Try to stop comparing yourself to people the only person you should be worried about is you and things will happen in the right time. Work hard but play harder. Time is so short to worry about little things.


My laser hair removal journey… its been a journey! Laser was something I always wanted to get done but couldn’t commit to so I decided back in October to bite the bullet and go for it.

I decided to go to Therapy Clinic in Dublin Molesworth Street as the clinic specialises in laser hair removal so I felt like I would be in good hands. After my first consultation I felt an instant relief and got the opportunity to ask any questions I had and the consultant explained everything to me which was great.

I decided to get two areas done which worked out at a price of 79 euro per session. There is six sessions in total. After each session there is a 6 week gap until your next session this is so the hair growth is in the Anagen stage. After completing the six treatments I found that I still had some hair growth so I booked myself in for a couple of more sessions but this differs for each individual. Therapie Clinic are great as they always try to get you the best deal that they have so you don’t spend a fortune. I thought I would put in some FAQ’s to hopefully answer any questions that you may have.

  1. Does it hurt?

The pain is so different to anything I have ever felt. I used to wax so compared to waxing its a walk in the park. The pain I would rate a 4/10. Some areas are more pinchy than others but this depends on the hair of the individual. The only way I can describe it is like a hot pinch that is over in a second. All of the therapists there are extremely good and professional at their job if you are in pain tell them and take a break.

2. How does it work?

(*Please note that I am not a beauty therapist but this is my understanding of the treatment. ) The laser essentially is a contracted beam of light which enters the hair follicle. The laser targets pigment so the more pigmentation sometimes the more pinchy the procedure can be. Once the follicle is targeted the heat destroys the interconnections which essentially kills the blood supply preventing further growth. A patch test is always required.

3. Who can’t get lasered?

People who have extremely fair hair cannot get lasered as the laser specifically targets pigment. One thing to note is fake tan cannot be on the skin while getting lasered.

4. How long does it last?

This depends on each person, once you have completed the full amount of recommended treatments some people might only go back for a top up treatment once or twice a year.

5. What is the aftercare?

It is recommended to exfoliate the areas a few days after the treatments three times a week for three-week to avoid getting any ingrown hairs. This is essential. The laser aid gel (aloe vera gel) is great to put on after the treatment to soothe the skin and prevent any irritation to the skin.

I hope this helps to answer any questions you many regarding laser. As always I recommend speaking to a therapist to give you more in-depth information. Visit Therapie Clinic to find more about laser hair removal and start your journey. images