The thing every girl struggles with before a holiday….packing. Whether you are a light packer or like me brings 10 outfits for a two day trip, hopefully this post can help you decide on the essentials to bring for your big adventure. Ive broken this packing list into two categories the essentials and the extra’s, for all you glam gals like me who just have to do the most on holidays.

The Essentials:

  • First things first SPF. Do not even attempt to go out in the sun without SPF not only will you burn and look like a lobster than no spray tan can fix you are damaging your skin. Not a good look for anybody. Even Primark do a large range of sunscreen for a fraction of the price so there is no excuse!
  • Bikinis… Bring lots of bikinis I brought more bikinis than underwear as most evening I was in the sea and pool most evenings anyways. Thailand is super casual clothing wise its so humid so the key is light linen clothing for sure.
  • Shorts, crops, playsuits and dresses: Ive included these in the one point as there typically a given. As I mentioned Thailand is so causal and relaxing you want to bring outfits that are easy to throw on and make it look like your put together without giving the time.
  • Tangle Teezer and leave it condition spray: I have long hair and for me going between the sea, sun and pool can really take a toll on your hair. Make sure to bring a good hairbrush, I personally cannot live without my tangle-teezer. I got mine in Boots. Another bonus is to bring a leave in conditioner. The weather is so humid that after the shower I typically sprayed this in my hair brushed it and left it air dry.
  • Minimal makeup: being on the Thai beaches and island make you want to spend most of your time outside exploring than getting ready. I genuinely couldn’t think of anything worse than having a full face of makeup on in that heat. I just packed the essentials tinted moistiser, highlighter, bronzer,concealer, brows and mascara. Just enough to make me feel confident.
  • Comfy shoes: Depending on the time of holiday you are going on you will want to bring two pairs of shoes. For me I narrowed this down to a pair of runners which were a life saver running between airplanes buses and boats. The other pair were a pair of sparkly sandals that were comfortable. These were great for day time at the beach and nighttime with my playsuits and dresses. Win Win!
  • Tan: If your like me I don’t tend to sunbathe much. I love to be in the sun but much prefer being in the pool or sea than lying on a sun lounger. I got a spray tan before I left on the trip and I always pack my Coco Brown Tan wipes. These are so handy because they can go in your hand luaggage and no spillage. These wipes are great to top up a tan and I always use them on my face to achieve that sun kissed glow.
  • Mosquito Repellent: This is a Must.  My favourite brand is Jungle Spray. This brand do a lotion and a spray which I tend to layer for extra protection. Warning the products smell awful but the smell goes after a few minutes. My top tip that I learned in Thailand was before going to bed make sure the lights are off around 10-15 mins before. This is because mosquitos are drawn to light so chances are if you have the lights off before getting your 50 winks any mosquitos that are near will move away from your room.
  • Adapters: Always bring two adapters with you. I always find it is better to bring them with me than worry about it when I arrive in a destination.

The Extra’s:

  • Body Glow: I love any type of body glow product so narrowing this down to one product was a struggle for me. However, I went with the infamous Coco Brown Goddess oil. This gives your skin the most radiant glow and looks incredible in photos.
  • Earrings: I love to accessorise a simple outfit. With this in mind I brought multiple earrings to wear on this trip from tangling earrings to tassels to sparkly ones I had them all.
  • A cross body bag: For me I wanted a bag that was light but enough to carry the essentials. This bag came in such great use both day and night for the whole trip.
  • Hair Curler: I brought my hair curler with me as I don’t have naturally curly hair so once my hair was air dried I could curl pieces to make it look more put together.

My top advice is to pack comfy and light clothes, no matter what season you decide you go the humidity is high. If you are bringing a backpack I would scale down on my list a lot as the less items the less heavier your bag will be. Trust me you will care when you are carrying it there.

If you have any questions comment on my latest Instagram post and I’ll get back to you!


As part of the Jen Travels Series first stop is my favourite destination that I have traveled to date… Thailand.

Thailand is such a big place it is essential to your research on the best way to navigate around this country. Blogs and blogs were my life saver when it came to organising my Thailand trip. There are so many options whether you are on a tight budget or not so it is good to get your head around what they are before you arrive in Thailand.

Firstly, I would plan your route. I printed out a map of Thailand and placed dots on the islands that I wanted to go to. From there I noted all of the possible airports and boat routes to get me from one location to the next. This part was really straight forward but essential to know. Secondly , I researched and researched. I spent hours daily reading blog posts and watching blogs trying to gauge what were my best options. Since I only had a limited time on each island I figured it was better for me to fly when I could to save time and explore more. (this is the more expensive option).

When it came to flights I found skyskanner and tripadvisor to be the best at giving low rates. It was so easy to book flights and not have to worry about catching buses and trains. I also found Nok Air to be extremely helpful. The company offer a scheme called the Fly’n’Ferry which is a package deal. This package includes your flight from the city in my case this was Bangkok, from the airport a bus to the pier to catch a catamaran to the islands. With this package we were able to book all of our big journey before we arrived in Thailand and get a great deal with zero hassle.

Getting around the city. I have never seen so much transport in my life. Bangkok is so easy to navigate around. Some of the options are regular taxis, buses, motorbike taxis, Tuk Tuks, Songraks and of course the BTS Skytrain. The skytrain was how I mostly navigated through the city as it stops pretty much everywhere. The transport is so cheap in Thailand taking multiple trains daily would only cost around 4-5 euro. I would recommend taking a tuk tuk once though there so much fun and great for the Instagram photos.

My last tip on navigating Asia is to just walk. It is so important to take our heads out of our phones or from behind the camera to just absorb your surroundings. Thai streets are filled with so much culture, history and there are so many beautiful shires everywhere that it is difficult to not stop in awe.

I hope you found this blog post helpful. Any questions comment underneath and I will do my best to answer them.

Happy Travels


As Hideout is fast approaching, I thought it would be a good opportunity to share my survival guide. I went to the infamous Hideout Festival last year. However, when I was researching the festival I didn’t come across a lot of blog posts. So, hopefully this will help. For those of you who do not know what Hideout is, it is a huge dance festival in Croatia. The layout of the festival contains 5 clubs located on a beach front. Some of these clubs are notoriously known for being some of the best in the world such as NOA Beach Club.

Getting There

To save yourself any trouble I would recommend booking direct flights to and from. Luckily, Ryanair fly straight from Dublin to Zadar, I would recommend to book flights as soon as you buy the festival tickets as they flights sell out FAST! Check out Sky Scanner for the latest deals.

All I can say about the flight there is that the festival started on the plane, nearly every passenger on that flight was attending Hideout so you can imagine the antics. When you arrive in Zadar airport do not expect a huge airport. The place was tiny as you walk into the building you collect your bag off the conver belt and straight out the other end.

From arriving in the airport you can get transfer buses to Novaljia, this isn’t expensive but it is two hours away so I would take that into account when booking flights. I would recommend staying in Novaljia as it is in the heart of the action and walking distance to the harbour,restaurants and bars.


There is not a lot of options. We opted for an apartment which gives us a bit more room. However, If I was going back to Novaljia I would highly recommend staying in a hotel or an apartment with security. Our apartment got broken into which wasn’t the most ideal start to the holiday. Liberty Hotel seemed to be a popular hotel while I was there. It was located on the beach which was very handy to go back and fourth on beach days.

Getting to the festival

If you stay in Novaljia there is bus shuttle that bring you to and from the festival at the harbour. The bus journey takes about 10 minutes and there is a bus every 15-20 minutes. Hideout is on all day and night so there is no need to panic about journeys.

What to Bring

As last year was my first abroad festival I struggled with this one. WHAT DO I BRING!? The vibe was definitely beach glam was a mixture of festival looks with braids and glitter. Nightime people tend to go more casual so runners are a must.

If I had to narrow it down these are my top five.

  • Runners – essential you will be doing a lot of dancing
  • Bikinis- lots of them
  • Shorts/ Playsuits – must have to throw on day or night.
  • Makeup- although it was humid the girls were still beat to the gods. (Glitter is also a must)
  • Cross body bag/ bumbag- bags are the last thing you want to carry around so I would opt for a bumbag or a cross body bag so you don’t have to worry.

Places to eat

Novaljia has a strip of bars and restaurants, although you will find a common theme… PIZZA. Pizza was literally everywhere and seem to be all you could get. The only restaurant I would recommend is Moby Dicks. Located right beside the harbour it is easily accessible and the food was so good.

Overall Tips

My overall tips would be do your research when looking for accommodation and do it early. Places sell out very quickly so don’t go with the easiest option. Hideout is huge with a large attendance my advice would be if your in a group pick a place on the beach if you get lost (Such as the giant X logo) and make that the meeting point. The next tip is to buy the VIP festival ticket it made such a difference when queuing into the clubs and most clubs have a different area for VIP which made the world of a difference.

Lastly, have an amazing time I have such fun memories from Hideout!

Iv’e been getting a lot of questions lately about what I bring to festivals. Given that I was at one last weekend I thought now would be the perfect time to share what I brought.

  1. The Essentials: Now first things first do not forget the essentials by this I mean your Photo ID, Ticket and Money. You will not be getting into any fesitval without these items.
  2. Portable charger: How are you going to take those lit Instagram photos with no battery….. I always bring a portable charger because you never know when your phone might die and you may need to contact your friends. Primark sell portable chargers in the holiday section for 5 euro.
  3. Tissues: I think this is self explanatory with festivals. Tissues are always a must with any outdoor festivals.
  4. Makeup: I always bring a little bit of makeup to top up throughout the day… from lash glue to face gems whatever you need to keep you looking glam throughout the day.
  5. Extras: This might sound like randoms item to bring to festivals but it is a life saver for me. From being outside in the hot weather your lips can become very dehydrated which isn’t a good look for anybody.Sunglasses are also a must for the outdoor festival to top off any outfit.

I hope this short post helps you decide what items to bring along in your bag. As always if you have any post requests please send me them on Twitter.


Festival season is fast approaching, so I thought now would be a great time to showcase some of the top festival trends I have seen for 2018. If festivals are your thing… keep reading to find out my top festival hair and makeup looks for this summer.

Firstly, festival makeup is one of my favourite looks to do because I can get away with wearing so much glitter! Some of my top looks are shown below.

Smokey eyes and lower lash glitter: When it comes to smokey eyes for festival the more blown out the better. Don’t be afraid to use colour to go for a more dramatic and fun look.

Glitter Eyes: Glitter eyes are my festival go to option. Some of my favourite loose pigments is by Peaches Makeup. Loose pigments are a great way to achieve a subtle shimmer or a more opaque pay off.

In your Dreams chest piece: One Word- ideal. This is such an easy way to accessorise a festival outfit without making a huge effort. The in your dreams adhesive gem designs are eye catching and the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. These are available on Pretty Little Thing.

Braids: When it comes to hairstyles I feel like braids is always a easy option to achieve ‘the festival look’. Some of my favourite styles are below.

Instant Colour: What better way to make a statement and have fun then to play around with colour. Instant colour gel and powders are so versatile. Colourful braids using extensions are a more popular trend and definitely one to make you stand out in a crowd.

Festivals clothes are always a great to showcase your personality whether you want to go for an outfit that is completely out there and wild or a more chilled boho chic vibe.

Tassels and Fringe: Fringe jackets are the ultimate festival accessory. My favourite piece this summer is from River Island in this bright red colour.

Prints & Sequins: Festival-goers like to make a impact. It is the one time to go crazy from your day to day wardrobe. Clashing prints, vibrant colours and blinding sequins = festival attire.

Hats: Fedora hats have been a new trend to festival in recent years especially in hot climates such as the infamous Coachella festival.

I hope this short post gave you some inspiration for your next festival, the most important thing is to have FUN and showcase your personality.

Till next time,