My laser hair removal journey… its been a journey! Laser was something I always wanted to get done but couldn’t commit to so I decided back in October to bite the bullet and go for it.

I decided to go to Therapy Clinic in Dublin Molesworth Street as the clinic specialises in laser hair removal so I felt like I would be in good hands. After my first consultation I felt an instant relief and got the opportunity to ask any questions I had and the consultant explained everything to me which was great.

I decided to get two areas done which worked out at a price of 79 euro per session. There is six sessions in total. After each session there is a 6 week gap until your next session this is so the hair growth is in the Anagen stage. After completing the six treatments I found that I still had some hair growth so I booked myself in for a couple of more sessions but this differs for each individual. Therapie Clinic are great as they always try to get you the best deal that they have so you don’t spend a fortune. I thought I would put in some FAQ’s to hopefully answer any questions that you may have.

  1. Does it hurt?

The pain is so different to anything I have ever felt. I used to wax so compared to waxing its a walk in the park. The pain I would rate a 4/10. Some areas are more pinchy than others but this depends on the hair of the individual. The only way I can describe it is like a hot pinch that is over in a second. All of the therapists there are extremely good and professional at their job if you are in pain tell them and take a break.

2. How does it work?

(*Please note that I am not a beauty therapist but this is my understanding of the treatment. ) The laser essentially is a contracted beam of light which enters the hair follicle. The laser targets pigment so the more pigmentation sometimes the more pinchy the procedure can be. Once the follicle is targeted the heat destroys the interconnections which essentially kills the blood supply preventing further growth. A patch test is always required.

3. Who can’t get lasered?

People who have extremely fair hair cannot get lasered as the laser specifically targets pigment. One thing to note is fake tan cannot be on the skin while getting lasered.

4. How long does it last?

This depends on each person, once you have completed the full amount of recommended treatments some people might only go back for a top up treatment once or twice a year.

5. What is the aftercare?

It is recommended to exfoliate the areas a few days after the treatments three times a week for three-week to avoid getting any ingrown hairs. This is essential. The laser aid gel (aloe vera gel) is great to put on after the treatment to soothe the skin and prevent any irritation to the skin.

I hope this helps to answer any questions you many regarding laser. As always I recommend speaking to a therapist to give you more in-depth information. Visit Therapie Clinic to find more about laser hair removal and start your journey. images

As part of the Jen Travel series, the next European location is Prague. Prague is the perfect city getaway for a weekend or longer. From the beautiful collabalock streets to the history you are guaranteed to have an action packed weekend.

This city is known for its culture and arctitecure from Gothic Churches to the famous astronomical clock. I am going to highlight some key go to places from my short trip to this instagrammable city. I stayed in an area called Nove Mesto which was close enough to the centre but far enough that it wasn’t noisy.

Prague Castle: 

This stunning castle is dating from the 9th Century. From its quirky little stores and glorious gardens, it truly is breathtaking. The castle is a must see for me, the views from the top are spectacular and really give you a different look and feel of the city.

Ice Bar: 

The ice bar is a lot of fun. Granted if you have done one before then you probably will not be interested in another one as they all are very similar. The ice bar is located beside Charles bridge so it’s another location to tick off the list while you’re in the city. The drinks in the Ice Bar were surprisingly good so it could be a fun activity for after dinner before exploring Prague’s nightlife.

Old Town:

The old town was a highlight for me, this old town has so much character. I went in January and at the time it was snowing so the old town was covered in snow. The town boasts some of the most incredible restaurants and adorable cafe’s. I went to the old town most nights for dinner and drinks so it’s definitely a good option to stay close by. The infamous Astronomical Clock is located in the town which is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Prague.

Wenceslas Square: 

Wenceslas Square is central to all of the shopping centres and stores. Most of the main hotel chains are located close to Wenceslas Square. There s also a metro stop there which is handy to walk to the old town and Charles bridge.

I hope this helps you decide on some activities to do while your time in Prague. If you have any questions comment below.

Till next time


The land of smiles…. where to start! My trip to Thailand has definitely been a major highlight of my 20’s and I want to share all my knowledge with you all to hopefully make planning a trip to this spectacular country a little easier for you!


No matter where you are flying from around the world, most likely you will be arriving in Bangkok. First thing to remember is Bangkok is huge so I would recommend staying in a location that is central especially if you are only in the city for a short space of time. The city has every type of accommodation that any traveller could need from budget to luxury.

However, when I travelled to Thailand I decided to stay in Silom. Silom was close to the airport, central to everywhere where I wanted to visit in the city. Silom also had its own stop (Chong Nonsi) on the BTS line which became extremely helpful to pin point how to get back at any given time. The hotel I went with was the I-Residence Hotel, with its rooftop pool with spectacular views of the city to central location and good prices. The hotel was so accommodating from the moment we arrived, the staff were so friendly and went out of their way to help us. I couldn’t recommend this place enough! Check it out here.

If you want to stay in one of Bangkok’s many Luxurious hotels look no further than the Infamous Lebua State Tower, with its breathtaking roof top bar to the architecture of the hotel itself. It is simply stunning. The hotel is located right beside the river which allows you to avail of boat taxis across the city. Another way to view the sites. This hotel is famous for starring in the Hangover 2 movie. Have a look for yourself here.  If you are looking for more hostel style accommodation I would suggest going to Kho San Road where the heart of the backpackers go. This crazy strip has all kinds of accommodation for you to choose from.


Phuket consists of a more resort tourist vibe compared to the other places I visited in Thailand. This made me choose our hotel more carefully as I didn’t want to be caught in any tourist traps and avoided the party strips as much as possible. Relaxation was key for this part of my travels. After a long time researching, watching YouTube videos and checking reviews, we decided on the Charm Resort Hotel. This hotel was on the Patong beach front but around a 15 min drive from any party areas… ideal. The rooms were just marvellous. There was also a rooftop pool for any sun worshippers. (You will see a common trend in my accommodation choice). The Charm Resort boast great prices for luxury level with a fantastic restaurant and facilities you can’t go wrong.

Phi- Phi Island: 

The infamous Phi Phi island, definitely a highlight of our stay in Thailand. This island is simply breathtaking. Don’t be fooled by the stunning photos this island turns into a crazy party town in the evening so you have been warned. Being Irish I wasn’t too worried 🙂 This island has so so many options from every time of backpacker or holiday goer.

First up, a favourite amongst the backpacker community PP Charlie Resort while your time on the island you’ll be sure to be at a few after parties in this place. The hotel has a gorgeous pool overlooking the sea and the centre of the island is right at your doorstep.

I could write a whole separate blog post on Phi Phi accommodation alone but here is a list on that you can use for reference. TOP TIP: When choosing accommodation in Phi Phi, choose somewhere that is walking distance to the pier. the pier is how you arrive/leave the island and in that hot climate you do not want to be trekking your bags far. Remember there is no taxis on Phi Phi!

Koh Tao Island:

My favourite location of them all Koh Tao. Firstly, don’t believe everything you read this island was my favourite by far and honestly if I was to travel back to Thailand it would be to see this island again! Koh Tao is an extremely small island so many backpackers choose to arrive in this island in the early hours and choose a hotel when they arrive. In Thailand it is completely the norm is asking to see a room before making a booking. My top tip for Koh Tao is to stay on Sairee beach. The beach is like something off a postcard white sand and crystal blue waters. Koh Tao is the ultimate diving island so if you are into Scuba Diving I recommend looking for accommodation that links with a diving school for cheap rates!

My top recommendations for Thailand! I mainly booked through as I could cancel and change hotels/ time of stay quiet easy. This allowed me to have piece of mind while also having the flexibility for this holiday as I pleased. I hope some of you found this helpful and comment below your recommendations I would love to hear them! 

I am starting a new blog series of my Thailand Adventure. This first post is going to give you a complete cost breakdown that will hopefully be helpful to any of you fellow travellers thinking of visiting Asia! I know what you’re thinking, how could you possibly get to experience a whole country and experience their culture in 3 weeks? I recently took this journey and as a college student on a budget, I found blogs extremely helpful in planning my journey. So here I am, writing to you and hopefully you will learn a few tips and ideas for all you first time traveller’s.

My first piece of advice is to do a lot of research, it will become invaluable to you over your travels. To begin, the majority of people coming into the country fly into Bangkok and make that their base stop. Travelling around Thailand is straightforward as it is well designed for the convenience of backpackers. The next part of your planning process is to prioritise, obviously Thailand is huge, you can’t see everywhere in three weeks but you can still plan an amazing trip! For me personally I took the time to do my research, watched vlogs on YouTube and wrote a list of the places that were a must see. Typically for first time travellers heading off to Thailand tend to follow similar routes that previous backpackers have followed especially when it come to island hopping.

The Breakdown of Costs 

Accommodation: Thailand is extremely cheap, north of thailand is much cheaper than Bangkok and the islands because these are the main tourist locations. Prices in Bangkok can range from 400 THB. As for the beautiful islands expect to pay 600THB and up per night this included air conditioning in most places, which is essential don’t forget about the air conditioning! Some hotels start at 1,350THB but the hotels are the definition of luxury.

Food: Food is really inexpensive and if don’t fancy Thai food every night don’t worry because there is a wide variety. Easiest way to save money in Thailand is to live like a local. It is safe to eat the street food sometimes even safer than restaurant food because it is fresh and cooked in front of you. Street food can cost as little as 20THB for a full meal. Western dishes can be more expensive starting at 170THB.

Transportation: As for everything in Thailand transport is so convenient. Firstly, the sky train in Bangkok is called the BTS and will cost you around 15-50THB per trip. The sky train goes everywhere and will sure enough become your bestfriend. I highly recommend finding accommodation near one of the stations. Buses cost as little as 8THB per trip, metered taxi rides are usually 60-100THB. Make sure you ask the taxi driver to put the meter on, don’t get into the taxi otherwise you will get ripped off. Tuk-Tuks are un-metered and generally most expensive but they are alot of fun and unique to thai culture.

As for travelling to and from the islands I found a company called Lomprayah to be the best. With reasonable prices, well organsied they basically do all the work for you. Depending on your preference you can choose between night trains, buses,boats to and from the island which can cost you between 250-475THB. Nok Air is a popular budget airline in Thailand which offer a service called “Fly’n’Ferry” which can also be a faster way to get there.

Overall Thailand speaks for itself, I highly recommend to travel around and experience the country for yourself, the people are so nice and helpful, you won’t want to leave. Trust me! I hope you found this blog useful and learned something from it. Most importantly I wish you the best of luck on your journey. Adventure awaits!!!

As part of my series of my Thailand Adventure. This second instalment is going to go into detail on all of the incredible activities that you can avail of for your trip to Thailand. Believe me it will help you justify the price!

  • Temples in Bangkok: I highly recommend visiting the Grand Palace it is just breathtaking. The Wat Arun and the temple of the Reclining Buddha are also big tourist attractions.
  • Shopping there is plenty to choose from such as markets, floating markets, MBK shopping centre if you are looking for bargains and fake handbags etc.
  • Sky Bar such as Cloud 47 or the Lebua state tower and enjoy the views of Bangkok at night.
  •  The infamous Full Moon Party : If you like to party then there’s no better island in the world to visit other than Koh Phangan. It’s 20,000 people partying until sunrise on a beach,it is a big tourist spot so expect higher prices.
  • There is some great jungle trekking opportunities in northern Thailand such as in Chiang Mai to see some amazing scenery.
  •  Scuba Diving in Koh Tao also known as Turtle Island. Be prepared to be speechless as it by far was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen white sands crystal blue waters… its like being in a movie. The island has some of the best scuba diving sites in the world for half the price you would usually expect to pay. Expect to see clown fish, eels, bat fish, puffer fish, angel fish, Hawking turtles and if your lucky some whale sharks.

Phi –Phi Island the famous island from the movie “the Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio. This island is far from boring with its scenic cliff side there is a wide variety of activities to do such as snorkeling with exotic fish, hiking up to the viewpoint and visit the monkeys on monkey beach. And if they don’t keep you busy there is an abundance of fire shows and parties to attend on the beaches in the evenings.

 Skydiving in Pattaya with a company called Thai Sky Adventures. All the staff speak fluent English and are well experienced and trained divers.

Quad biking through the jungle in Phuket.

I hope you found this post useful and gathered some information of your to do list for Asia. By far it was one of the best trips that I have ever been on and gave me such a new fond love for travelling! I am going to finish this post off by sharing my favourite quote I hope it gives you the inspiration to Say Yes and Figure it out Later like it did for me!

” We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us”