Well where do I start, I just came back from a 4 day trip from the most picturesque island in Greece, I think you know where I’m on about. (If you didn’t gather it from the title) I’m of course talking about the most magical destination, Santorini.

I want to break some myths with this destination. My blog is about making these trips become a reality in a realistic way. I’m 24 years old and by no means do I make a lot of money. This post is to give you an overview and some ways you can visit this idyllic island without taking out a mortgage for it!


The first thing is to figure out how to get there so let’s start there shall we.

Disclaimer alert🚨 if you want to travel cheap you have to go an awkward route most of the time.

From Ireland I flew to Athens with Ryanair for a 4hr flight. Then I had a 3hr layover for a 50minute flight with Sky Express. (This took a total of 7hrs important to note for choosing how long to stay for). If your from the UK, EasyJet do a direct flight to Santorini which takes 4hrs so that is another option. In total I paid around €200 for my flights.


This is the most important aspect in my opinion I feel like it could make or break your stay on Santorini. My top tip which seems obvious but I’m gunna say it anyways is do your research! Don’t be fooled by the gram and Pinterest. From my research I found that a small town called Imervogili had the exact same view as the infamous town Oia ( the one with the white and blue church domes). You are getting the same beautiful caldera view for half the price and footfall of people!

I chose to stay in the incredible Pegasus Suites & Spa. It was just a dream, I found a great deal on their website for a suite with a private jacuzzi on the balcony. Well I couldn’t say no to that let’s be honest. The price of my stay was roughly €1000 which would be divided between two people. Now I know it’s pricey but if your searches places in Santorini this was a steal in comparison for what you were getting.


Transport on this island can be funny because you have clusters of towns which is perfectly fine to walk around to shops, restaurants the lot. However, there is also about 20mins distance on dirt roads or cliff side windy roads which is non walkable. There is 30 taxis available on the island which is a flat rate of €25 Euro no matter where you are going or how long you are in the car for. I personally recommend two options for transport. Firstly the public bus there is a great option. The bus is a coach style comes every 30 mins costing €1.80 per person. The second option is to rent a quad or smart car. The bus option is great but you find yourself wasting valuable time when you could be exploring yourself.

We rented a buggie for the day costing us around €60 for the day. I think you could negotiate for less but to us this buggie looked like a lot of fun. The renting option gives you more freedom to visit those hard to reach places. We rented from Jimmys rental in Imervoligi. I need to also mention the obvious and sound like an absolute mam but the island has no traffic lights and not great street lighting in general. Please take huge amount of caution as unfortunately many accidents and more serious incidents happen here due to bike rentals.

Food and drink

This is the aspect of the holiday I feel like you could drop big money unintentionally. One restuarant is around 10-15€ for a meal the next one is €400 for a bottle of wine. Rules for this: ask for a menu before sitting down, if no prices are on it then you can pretty much assume that they don’t want you to know for a reason… expensive! Most hotels on the island include breakfast in your stay avail of that for a start. Second don’t drink alcohol in restaurants it’s extortionate. If you have a hotel with a nice view enjoy the sunset from your balcony, buy some beverages and avoid the crowds.


 Some of the tours are crazy money especially the boat tours. I feel like you could visit them by road. However, if it’s a special occasion and you want to splurge the options do look incredible. I would recommend the dinner sunset cruise to get the most bang for your buck.

 I’ve included some pictures but I’ve posted a lot on my Instagram in a highlight reel so you have Visit there for more real time.

 I hope this helps to break some myths about the island. If anyone is thinking of going and want to ask any questions comment them below and I’ll get back to you 🙂 Alternatively, if any of you have visited this scenic island comment your best tip below đź‘Ś

Till next time



“Quiet the mind and the soul will speak”

– Ma Jaya Sati Baghavati

I decided to do this post because I feel like 2018 thought me a lot of lessons, about myself and about life in general. So, 2019 is all about the positive vibes and being the best version of you.

To start this process, I started to reflect on what stresses me out, what I enjoy and what I don’t enjoy and what habits I have that I would like to change. I started to figure out what I wanted to achieve for myself and started a plan.

Beginning this can be a bit strange and to be honest can seem very pointless but I really believe with time they work. First thing I did was to create a Vision Board, whether it be a collage of images of photos on your phone or a physical board in your home, I believe seeing it repeatedly will help you subconsciously do more and more actions to achieve your goals.

bekir-donmez-335320-unsplash.jpgI also think taking time for your health & wellness will also contribute to you being your best self. Everyone is different but whatever makes you unwind and relax you should do more of. This ties back to your diet and what you are putting into your body. As part of your wellness doing more of the activities you enjoy will make you feel amazing. Starting to make time for the things on the never-ending to do list will make you feel more productive and good about yourself. Personally for me, I think making time to go to the gym or start a new hobby will force me take the time I need for myself.

The last recommendation is Energy. I’m aware this sounds very clichĂ© but you are who you hang around with so choose your circle wisely. It’s natural to feel down and miserable if everyone you hang around with is miserable about their own situation. Being positive and good to people will always be the better route so don’t be afraid to let that shine.

Till next time


I just had my 24th Birthday in Sydney Australia a destination I have only dreamt about going. This post is going to be something a little different, I think its more for me to remind myself of what I’ve learnt the past 24 years. Hopefully, some of you can relate to these thoughts and help you remind yourself of special you are too.

1. Stop Worrying 

This is top priority, stop worrying about everything and everyone. Don’t think about how things should be or whats going wrong. Focus on whats going right, you never appreciate how far you’ve come and what you have accomplished. Stop worrying about how you should be and act, be yourself the rest will follow.

2. Let go of Negative People

Let go of people who don’t add joy to your life. Sometimes its hard to see what other people see especially if you know these people a long time but sometimes its better to let go and part ways. Your Vibe attracts your Tribe so be careful who you let into your circle.

3. Travel More

You love to travel, do it more. Some of your best memories are on crazy adventures and doing things you would never get to do. Make a plan to put this as a priority in your life. This blog was an outlet for you to be creative and share your stories. You love to create content so do that more.

4. Do what makes you happy

You have so many goals and dreams but you hold yourself back because you are afraid of what everyone else will think. In a few years those people won’t even exist in your world so why do you care. Take more time for you to get your beauty treatments done or go to a spa or watch a movie. People pleasing will lead you to be unhappy so put yourself first.

5. You are in your own race 

Most importantly this lesson resonates a lot to 2018, a lot of change. Try to stop comparing yourself to people the only person you should be worried about is you and things will happen in the right time. Work hard but play harder. Time is so short to worry about little things.

This post is going to show you my recommend essential items to bring with you on a flight. This post will be more focused on long haul flights. There is nothing worse than being bored on a 10+ Hr  flight.

I am going on a long haul trip this week and as I was preparing my handbag for the plane, I thought I would show you some of my must haves items for surviving a long haul flight.


I always use any long flights as an opportunity to treat my skin and relax. Typically I would not wear any makeup to the airport or in flight. The plane can really dry out your skin so it is so important to keep hydrated throughout the flight. I always pack lip balm and a hydrating mask. This year I chose to bring with me the Origins Drink Up Intensive mask as it is so refreshing on the skin, locks in moisture and is translucent in colour. (Which means you won’t look like a crazy person in a green mask).


Let’s be honest planes are disgusting, one person on the flight has a cold and the whole airbus is already planning on their phonecall to the boss saying their sick. In order to beat this preparation is key. Personally, I hate being on a long haul flight and not being able to freshen up, so I bring some small items to help me feel refreshed throughout my journey.

  • Face Wipes: I use face wipes to clean my seat and my surroundings (Yes, I am that woman on the plane) It is important to disinfect the area you will be sitting at for a large amount of time.
  • Deodorant wipes: For me these are a god send I always pack some Deodorant wipes to freshen myself up on any flight.
  • Perfume: This is essential because you can control your hygiene but unfortuantely the stranger next you might not be on your level.
  • Toothbrush/Toothpaste: Most airlines will provide an amenities bag for long distance travellers, this would include some dental care. This is great to do mid flight and just before landing in your destination.


We’ve all been in the situation where you are on a long flight and bored out of your mind. For this reason it is critical to bring your own entertainment instead of just relying on the inflight entertainment system. Although, the in flight system is a life saver sometimes its could to have alternative entertainment.

  • Books: Personally, I love reading books or magazines on a flight and engage with something else other than movies.
  • Music: Must! I can’t travel on a bus without listening to music never mind a long haul flight. Make a playlist for the plane with some of your favourite songs- this is also a great tip if you are a nervous flyer try bringing some earphones and listen to some of your fave tracks to help you relax.
  • Netflix: This is not a drill. Download some movies in your Netflix app. Although the in flight entertainment system might be great but just in case have some of your favourite movies or TV series downloaded to kill some plane time.
  • Travel Itineray: I am addicted to being organised and planning out my trips. Nothing gets me more excited than researching my destination, so I use my air time to help plan some restaurants, places that I want to see or any experiences that I can book in that destination.
  • Work: Some people love to work on the plane with zero distractions you are guartenned to get a lot of work completed.


Comfort is essential on any long haul flight because planes can be cold and if you are trying to sleep a well thought outfit can help. For me this is tracksuits, its comfortable and convenient. Pair this with some runners. Some other essentials include:

  • Scarf: I always bring a scarf on the plane to use as a blanket for when I’m trying to sleep.
  • Eye mask: Sometimes you will want to sleep when the lights of the plane are on eye masks help you zone into sleep mode while blocking any lights or screens from disturbing you.


  • Snacks: Always buy some snacks at the airport because it is not guaranteed that you will like the plane food and some healthy snacks such as nuts and protein bars will help you fight that tiredness when you land in your destination.
  • Water: This is a given but is a must. Hydrate throughout the flight not just for you skin but for circulation. Planes dehydrate us so it is important to keep drinking water throughout your entire flight.

Obviously, do not forget the essentials of your passport, visa’s if needed, money etc. I hope that you found this useful and help to decide which items you should bring on board your flight.

Till next time


We all want that golden goddess vibes on holiday. So how is the best way to achieve that JLO glow?! I’ve picked up a few tips and unbelievable products over the years to help all the glow getters out there.

Firstly, the quality of your skin is going to make a huge difference before any product can help. Exfoliating is key to getting that smooth fUnknown.jpeglawless look. I find Soap & Glory to have some of the best exfoliators. This brand can be found in Boots. I always use some type of sugar scrub with some exfoliating gloves for that super smooth look.

After, you’ve scrubbed you need to find a good moisturizer for your skin. I’m so bad when it comes to this so I need something easy and quick. I find the spray body moisturizer to be a life saver. These can be found at any drugstore and are easy to pick up. I lather myself in moisturizer every night especially a few days before any event.

Now, the tan. I always think tan is so personal it really depends on the individual. I personally love a super dark moose. I’ve recently been loving So Sue Me’s Dark Moose tan. It has a red undertone so it gives that really sun-kissed deep tan that looks like you have been on the Bahamas for weeks.

Unknown-3.jpegOnce you have found the tan that works for you I always find the night of the event to top up your tan with an instant tanner. I highly recommend the Vita Liberta Body Blur it will cover anything!

To top this all off…time to add the glow. There are a few options I love a body oil to add that extra pop. Some of my favourites listed below.


These three body glow products are my holy grail! Firstly, the Iconic London Illuminator drops are such a great multiuser product. This product can be use before makeup to give an all over glow, a liquid highlighter or as a body glow products for the collarbones. The second, is the Coca Brown Golden Goddess oil which is amazing for the legs to give than golden sheen to the skin… perfect for photos. Lastly, to top of all that incredible glow is the Iconic London glow mist which is the perfect setting spray for your face and chest for that added shimmer.

Any liquid glow that I use,  I tend to mix with my instant tanner or moisturizer to add that overall body glow.

I hope this helps you get your glow on for those holidays photos. Comment below your favourite glow product.

Till next time