My In-flight Essentials

This post is going to show you my recommend essential items to bring with you on a flight. This post will be more focused on long haul flights. There is nothing worse than being bored on a 10+ Hr  flight.

I am going on a long haul trip this week and as I was preparing my handbag for the plane, I thought I would show you some of my must haves items for surviving a long haul flight.


I always use any long flights as an opportunity to treat my skin and relax. Typically I would not wear any makeup to the airport or in flight. The plane can really dry out your skin so it is so important to keep hydrated throughout the flight. I always pack lip balm and a hydrating mask. This year I chose to bring with me the Origins Drink Up Intensive mask as it is so refreshing on the skin, locks in moisture and is translucent in colour. (Which means you won’t look like a crazy person in a green mask).


Let’s be honest planes are disgusting, one person on the flight has a cold and the whole airbus is already planning on their phonecall to the boss saying their sick. In order to beat this preparation is key. Personally, I hate being on a long haul flight and not being able to freshen up, so I bring some small items to help me feel refreshed throughout my journey.

  • Face Wipes: I use face wipes to clean my seat and my surroundings (Yes, I am that woman on the plane) It is important to disinfect the area you will be sitting at for a large amount of time.
  • Deodorant wipes: For me these are a god send I always pack some Deodorant wipes to freshen myself up on any flight.
  • Perfume: This is essential because you can control your hygiene but unfortuantely the stranger next you might not be on your level.
  • Toothbrush/Toothpaste: Most airlines will provide an amenities bag for long distance travellers, this would include some dental care. This is great to do mid flight and just before landing in your destination.


We’ve all been in the situation where you are on a long flight and bored out of your mind. For this reason it is critical to bring your own entertainment instead of just relying on the inflight entertainment system. Although, the in flight system is a life saver sometimes its could to have alternative entertainment.

  • Books: Personally, I love reading books or magazines on a flight and engage with something else other than movies.
  • Music: Must! I can’t travel on a bus without listening to music never mind a long haul flight. Make a playlist for the plane with some of your favourite songs- this is also a great tip if you are a nervous flyer try bringing some earphones and listen to some of your fave tracks to help you relax.
  • Netflix: This is not a drill. Download some movies in your Netflix app. Although the in flight entertainment system might be great but just in case have some of your favourite movies or TV series downloaded to kill some plane time.
  • Travel Itineray: I am addicted to being organised and planning out my trips. Nothing gets me more excited than researching my destination, so I use my air time to help plan some restaurants, places that I want to see or any experiences that I can book in that destination.
  • Work: Some people love to work on the plane with zero distractions you are guartenned to get a lot of work completed.


Comfort is essential on any long haul flight because planes can be cold and if you are trying to sleep a well thought outfit can help. For me this is tracksuits, its comfortable and convenient. Pair this with some runners. Some other essentials include:

  • Scarf: I always bring a scarf on the plane to use as a blanket for when I’m trying to sleep.
  • Eye mask: Sometimes you will want to sleep when the lights of the plane are on eye masks help you zone into sleep mode while blocking any lights or screens from disturbing you.


  • Snacks: Always buy some snacks at the airport because it is not guaranteed that you will like the plane food and some healthy snacks such as nuts and protein bars will help you fight that tiredness when you land in your destination.
  • Water: This is a given but is a must. Hydrate throughout the flight not just for you skin but for circulation. Planes dehydrate us so it is important to keep drinking water throughout your entire flight.

Obviously, do not forget the essentials of your passport, visa’s if needed, money etc. I hope that you found this useful and help to decide which items you should bring on board your flight.

Till next time



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