My Thailand Adventure: Cost Breakdown

I am starting a new blog series of my Thailand Adventure. This first post is going to give you a complete cost breakdown that will hopefully be helpful to any of you fellow travellers thinking of visiting Asia! I know what you’re thinking, how could you possibly get to experience a whole country and experience their culture in 3 weeks? I recently took this journey and as a college student on a budget, I found blogs extremely helpful in planning my journey. So here I am, writing to you and hopefully you will learn a few tips and ideas for all you first time traveller’s.

My first piece of advice is to do a lot of research, it will become invaluable to you over your travels. To begin, the majority of people coming into the country fly into Bangkok and make that their base stop. Travelling around Thailand is straightforward as it is well designed for the convenience of backpackers. The next part of your planning process is to prioritise, obviously Thailand is huge, you can’t see everywhere in three weeks but you can still plan an amazing trip! For me personally I took the time to do my research, watched vlogs on YouTube and wrote a list of the places that were a must see. Typically for first time travellers heading off to Thailand tend to follow similar routes that previous backpackers have followed especially when it come to island hopping.

The Breakdown of Costs 

Accommodation: Thailand is extremely cheap, north of thailand is much cheaper than Bangkok and the islands because these are the main tourist locations. Prices in Bangkok can range from 400 THB. As for the beautiful islands expect to pay 600THB and up per night this included air conditioning in most places, which is essential don’t forget about the air conditioning! Some hotels start at 1,350THB but the hotels are the definition of luxury.

Food: Food is really inexpensive and if don’t fancy Thai food every night don’t worry because there is a wide variety. Easiest way to save money in Thailand is to live like a local. It is safe to eat the street food sometimes even safer than restaurant food because it is fresh and cooked in front of you. Street food can cost as little as 20THB for a full meal. Western dishes can be more expensive starting at 170THB.

Transportation: As for everything in Thailand transport is so convenient. Firstly, the sky train in Bangkok is called the BTS and will cost you around 15-50THB per trip. The sky train goes everywhere and will sure enough become your bestfriend. I highly recommend finding accommodation near one of the stations. Buses cost as little as 8THB per trip, metered taxi rides are usually 60-100THB. Make sure you ask the taxi driver to put the meter on, don’t get into the taxi otherwise you will get ripped off. Tuk-Tuks are un-metered and generally most expensive but they are alot of fun and unique to thai culture.

As for travelling to and from the islands I found a company called Lomprayah to be the best. With reasonable prices, well organsied they basically do all the work for you. Depending on your preference you can choose between night trains, buses,boats to and from the island which can cost you between 250-475THB. Nok Air is a popular budget airline in Thailand which offer a service called “Fly’n’Ferry” which can also be a faster way to get there.

Overall Thailand speaks for itself, I highly recommend to travel around and experience the country for yourself, the people are so nice and helpful, you won’t want to leave. Trust me! I hope you found this blog useful and learned something from it. Most importantly I wish you the best of luck on your journey. Adventure awaits!!!


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