My Thailand Adventure: Pack with me

The thing every girl struggles with before a holiday….packing. Whether you are a light packer or like me brings 10 outfits for a two day trip, hopefully this post can help you decide on the essentials to bring for your big adventure. Ive broken this packing list into two categories the essentials and the extra’s, for all you glam gals like me who just have to do the most on holidays.

The Essentials:

  • First things first SPF. Do not even attempt to go out in the sun without SPF not only will you burn and look like a lobster than no spray tan can fix you are damaging your skin. Not a good look for anybody. Even Primark do a large range of sunscreen for a fraction of the price so there is no excuse!
  • Bikinis… Bring lots of bikinis I brought more bikinis than underwear as most evening I was in the sea and pool most evenings anyways. Thailand is super casual clothing wise its so humid so the key is light linen clothing for sure.
  • Shorts, crops, playsuits and dresses: Ive included these in the one point as there typically a given. As I mentioned Thailand is so causal and relaxing you want to bring outfits that are easy to throw on and make it look like your put together without giving the time.
  • Tangle Teezer and leave it condition spray: I have long hair and for me going between the sea, sun and pool can really take a toll on your hair. Make sure to bring a good hairbrush, I personally cannot live without my tangle-teezer. I got mine in Boots. Another bonus is to bring a leave in conditioner. The weather is so humid that after the shower I typically sprayed this in my hair brushed it and left it air dry.
  • Minimal makeup: being on the Thai beaches and island make you want to spend most of your time outside exploring than getting ready. I genuinely couldn’t think of anything worse than having a full face of makeup on in that heat. I just packed the essentials tinted moistiser, highlighter, bronzer,concealer, brows and mascara. Just enough to make me feel confident.
  • Comfy shoes: Depending on the time of holiday you are going on you will want to bring two pairs of shoes. For me I narrowed this down to a pair of runners which were a life saver running between airplanes buses and boats. The other pair were a pair of sparkly sandals that were comfortable. These were great for day time at the beach and nighttime with my playsuits and dresses. Win Win!
  • Tan: If your like me I don’t tend to sunbathe much. I love to be in the sun but much prefer being in the pool or sea than lying on a sun lounger. I got a spray tan before I left on the trip and I always pack my Coco Brown Tan wipes. These are so handy because they can go in your hand luaggage and no spillage. These wipes are great to top up a tan and I always use them on my face to achieve that sun kissed glow.
  • Mosquito Repellent: This is a Must.  My favourite brand is Jungle Spray. This brand do a lotion and a spray which I tend to layer for extra protection. Warning the products smell awful but the smell goes after a few minutes. My top tip that I learned in Thailand was before going to bed make sure the lights are off around 10-15 mins before. This is because mosquitos are drawn to light so chances are if you have the lights off before getting your 50 winks any mosquitos that are near will move away from your room.
  • Adapters: Always bring two adapters with you. I always find it is better to bring them with me than worry about it when I arrive in a destination.

The Extra’s:

  • Body Glow: I love any type of body glow product so narrowing this down to one product was a struggle for me. However, I went with the infamous Coco Brown Goddess oil. This gives your skin the most radiant glow and looks incredible in photos.
  • Earrings: I love to accessorise a simple outfit. With this in mind I brought multiple earrings to wear on this trip from tangling earrings to tassels to sparkly ones I had them all.
  • A cross body bag: For me I wanted a bag that was light but enough to carry the essentials. This bag came in such great use both day and night for the whole trip.
  • Hair Curler: I brought my hair curler with me as I don’t have naturally curly hair so once my hair was air dried I could curl pieces to make it look more put together.

My top advice is to pack comfy and light clothes, no matter what season you decide you go the humidity is high. If you are bringing a backpack I would scale down on my list a lot as the less items the less heavier your bag will be. Trust me you will care when you are carrying it there.

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